The Countdown to Accountable Care Begins Today

by Frank Tiedemann on January 3, 2011

The 3-year demonstration of healthcare reform’s Accountable Care Organizations kicks off in less than a year.

2011 will be filled with news and controversy about the new law to expand healthcare coverage and hold healthcare providers strictly responsible for clinical quality.

While politicians bloviate about changing this and that in the law signed last year, providers will struggle to prepare for the decade long transition to a new national delivery model. The struggle is compounded by the uncertainty and lack of detailed federal regulations to guide their preparations. The public is so far oblivious to the impact this will have on their individual access to healthcare.

The pendulum of public opinion on healthcare reform is likely to swing wildly back and forth this year driven by media coverage of political posturing in Washington DC and by potential Presidential candidates warming up for 2012. Uncertainty and speculation can feed public fear when facts are scarce .

As healthcare leaders we need to help the public understand what is happening to the healthcare system they count on.

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