32 Pioneer ACOs announced. Now what?

by Frank Tiedemann on February 6, 2012

It took an extra six months for CMS to announce the 32 Pioneer ACO organizations, a mix of stand alone hospitals, healthcare system, and medical group sponsored efforts. These brave organizations will now set the early pace for the adoption of the new Medicare quality improvement & payment methodology.

CMS also finalized the 700 page rule guiding the implementation of accountable care organizations. It’s a long read but an interesting one. Clearly CMS listened carefully to the concerns expressed about its 400 page draft rule. Some comments led to changes and others to explanations, but all of the major themes of public concerns seem to have been addressed.

Now we can shift focus to the efforts of the 32 Pioneers. What will prove to be their success factors or their failures? How will results differ from place to place or by type of sponsorship? And who else will now go forward to launch into accountable care without Pioneer designation?

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